The SAFE BALANCE program dedicated to Podiatrists focuses on caring for the patient with acute or chronic foot conditions. Through the utilization of this specialized app, the Podiatrist can examine specific fall-risk areas, identify mitigation strategies, and implement interventions accordingly. In addition to these capabilities, the SAFE BALANCE program also identifies risk factors tied to specific conditions of the feet, such as peripheral neuropathy or blood vessel insufficiency. With these positive screenings, further testing may be considered to point the Podiatrist to a differential diagnosis. 

By nature, the mere conditions typically seen by the Podiatrist radiate into a population that exhibits high fall risk. With the utilization of the SAFE BALANCE program, the Podiatrist can identify specific risk factors, and introduce meaningful mitigation strategies to provide quality patient care in a proactive manner. This preventative approach has demonstrated to increase the level of independence for patients and prevent costly and unnecessary hospital admissions. 

While many of the Podiatrists patients can benefit from a restorative approach to mitigating fall risks, others may more appropriately benefit from a compensatory inclusion of DME. SAFE BALANCE through a series of examination of symptoms and tests/measures, objectively supports the utilization of DME where needed to ensure justification is well met. 


Enhance Care Planning for Chronic Conditions. Justify Prescriptions of DME. Improve Patient Quality of Life.