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Stopping Falls. Saving Lives.
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Podiatry, Foot and Ankle

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Manage Identified Patient Risk Factors with Justified and Focused Podiatric Treatment

Patients with varying complex foot and ankle conditions pose an exceptionally high risk of falls which significantly complicate the healing journey. With the Safe Balance fall prevention technology, your podiatrists and other foot/ankle specialists gain valuable insight into patient risk factors that can be directly mitigated clinically or can be a gateway for further exploration through additional testing. 

Safe Balance not only identifies the risk factors present in the patient, it also clinically supports certain intervention pathways at the podiatrists disposal including physical therapy/exercise, bracing/DME, and additional procedures/pathways designed to improve functional independence in the patients served. 
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An All-In-One Screening, Assessment and Intervention Platform

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Meet 2 High-Priority MIPS Measures and Actuate the CDC's STEADI Algorithm

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Seamlessly Integrates into your Current Clinic Workflow

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Assess at Multiple Points per Year Including Non-Surg, Pre-Op, and Post-Op Follow Ups

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Enhance Medical Decision-Making while also Reporting a Distinct HCPC/CPT Code for Appropriate Reimbursement

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Software Features

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