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Stopping Falls. Saving Lives.
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Acute, Inpatient, & SNFs

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Identify and Manage Risk Factors on the Unit Supported with Vital Discharge Planning

Fall prevention services on the unit or in a facility are often based on a global criteria with subjective and ever-changing mitigation strategies depending on the staff onsite. With Safe Balance, every assessment is completed unique to the patient's specific condition. With this patient-centered approach, a fall mitigation plan can be implemented along the suggested pathway to increase efficiency and focus into the patient's specific needs. A numeric coding system ensures that staff are aware of each patient's risk severity and can focus attention on where it is needed.

Additionally, further assessments will measure objective gains with fall prevention strategies being changed based on the elevation of the patient's condition. At discharge, a specific plan is also generated to mitigate community-based risk factors significantly reducing the likelihood of a readmission that otherwise could've been prevented. 
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An All-In-One Screening, Assessment and Intervention Platform

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Identify Patient's Specific Needs During Stay and at Discharge

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Seamlessly Integrates into your Current Clinic Workflow

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Assess at Multiple Points per Stay  with Streamlined Inter-Staff Communication Capability

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Gain Greater Insight into Patient Population Served with Comprehensive Data Analytics

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Software Features

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