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Emergency Department

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Engage in Risk Mitigation During Visit, and Provide Discharge Recommendations Following Stay.

Patients presenting to the Emergency Department are often times at their most vulnerable. In fact, a significant amount of Emergency Department visits are due to a fall. While patients are being treated for their medical concern, they remain at a heightened level of fall risk during their stay as well as following discharge. 

With Safe Balance's fall prevention technology, your department will be able to quickly identify risk factors that are currently impacting the patient's fall risk and identify mitigation pathways to reduce their risks during their stay, but also provide valuable discharge planning materials to assist in preventing further injuries or a readmission. 
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An All-In-One Screening, Assessment and Intervention Platform

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Quickly Identify Risk Factors to Reduce Fall Occurrences in the Department

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Generates a Discharge Planning Report to Assist in Mitigation Strategies Post-Discharge

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Seamlessly Integrates into Department Workflow

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Enhance Medical Decision-Making while also Reporting a Distinct HCPC/CPT Code for Appropriate Reimbursement

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Software Features

Stopping Falls. Saving Lives.
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