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The Data Analytics and Reporting Features of Safe Balance Provides Unprecedented Insight into your Patient Population for Greater and more Efficient Management

Population Management and Data Analytics

While the clinical fall prevention utilization of the Safe Balance platform remains a widely applicable program, the back-office data analytics capability is arguably the most powerful component of the system for use in moderate -to- large organizations and systems. 

As each Safe Balance assessment is completed, the data collected is stored into the database which is analyzed in real time using Microsoft's Power BI platform. From here, the client is able to create customizable dashboards, reports and visuals with over 300 data points for each assessment completed. With this information, clients are able to utilize predictive analytic capabilities to efficiently allocate resources, manage patients in high-cost environments, be proactive in anticipating potential complications, and refer patients within the network for low-cost management. 

graph ai.png
Safe Balance's Smart AI System Predicts Which Patients Present the Highest Categorical Risk for Future Falls

Click Below to Explore Sample Data Analytic Visuals

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