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Stopping Falls. Saving Lives.
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Identify and Manage Risk Factors Proactively in both Surgical and Non-Surgical Patients

Patients with musculoskeletal conditions are at a significantly higher risk of experiencing a catastrophic fall. These preventable occurrences often lead to complicating surgical interventions, costly "bundle busters", preventable readmissions/admissions, and permanent impact on a patient's independence. 

With Safe Balance fall prevention technology used in the Orthopedic Practice, your providers will have a firm grasp of all the varying risk factors that may impact the patient's journey under your care, allowing for preemptive mitigation through education, management and referrals. By using Safe Balance with your patients, your practice stands to provide an enhanced level of quality while using your expertise to maximize outcomes. 
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An All-In-One Screening, Assessment and Intervention Platform

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Meet 2 High-Priority MIPS Measures and Actuate the CDC's STEADI Algorithm

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Seamlessly Integrates into your Current Clinic Workflow

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Assess at Multiple Points per Year Including Non-Surg, Pre-Op, and Post-Op Follow Ups

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Enhance Medical Decision-Making while also Reporting a Distinct HCPC/CPT Code for Appropriate Reimbursement

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Software Features

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