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Stopping Falls. Saving Lives.

Surgery Centers


Uncover Patient Risk Factors and Create Patient-Specific Discharge Plans


An All-In-One Screening, Assessment and Intervention Platform


Mitigate Risks to Maximize the Success of Surgical Outcomes


Seamlessly Integrates into your Current Workflow Prior to Surgery


Utilize Program to Ensure Supporting Services are in Play Following Discharge


Provider Reports a Distinct HCPC/CPT Code for Appropriate Reimbursement

With the increased utilization of surgery centers with more complex procedures, post-surgical falls in the home have beomce an ever increased priority. Safe Balance truly is the only fall prevention program used in a surgery center with the patient's home in mind! By identifying predictable risk factors emerging from procedures, paired along with the patient's support system and living environment, a custom tailored education and support program is created to mitigate the risks identified. 

These risk factors can be measured subsequently again at the patient's follow up visits to measure the progression of the patient's condition and to continue to be proactive in care planning. With the Safe Balance program, your patients will experience decreased complications post-operatively and have higher outcomes measuring the success of the intervention. 
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Software Features

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