The Fall Prevention Technology and Process of Safe Balance

The Safe Balance App

The Safe Balance app is the backbone of the program and guides the medical provider through the comprehensive falls risk assessment. The cloud-based system gathers all pertinent information and synchronizes with our database to provide recall capabilities and powerful analytics. 

The Safe Balance app is utilized as a stand-alone tool under the direct supervision of a physician, commonly in hospitals, physician offices and specialist services. 

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The Process of the Safe Balance Program

The Safe Balance program relies on 3 key components: Screen, Assess, and Intervene

When the program is implemented into a clinic, hospital or other healthcare setting, the medical provider identifies through a SCREENING process (either medical condition/diagnosis or through an inclusion questionnaire).  Following identification for appropriateness, the patient is given the comprehensive fall risk ASSESSMENT using the Safe Balance app. After gathering all the important fall-risk information and patient performance data, the Safe Balance app automatically calculates an evidence-based framework for INTERVENTION using our proprietary algorithm. With this information, the provider is given a 4-page report highlighting the critical areas of fall risk along with effective intervention pathways unique to that patient supported by high-level research. This process allows the medical provider to practice a more proactive approach to fall prevention by getting ahead of risks identified which directly mitigates the likelihood of a future fall occurring.