The Fall Prevention Technology of Safe Balance

The Safe Balance App

The Safe Balance app is the backbone of the program and guides the medical provider through the comprehensive falls risk assessment. The cloud-based system gathers all pertinent information and synchronizes with our database to provide recall capabilities and powerful analytics. 

The Safe Balance app is utilized as a stand-alone tool under the direct supervision of a physician, commonly in hospitals, physician offices and specialist services. 

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The Dynamic Arc

When the Safe Balance program is utilized by a home health agency, outpatient therapy clinic or other ancillary provider, the patented Dynamic Arc becomes an integral part of the program. This instrument acts as a standardized functional measure of a person's dynamic standing balance as it relates to various movement patterns commonly associated with ADLs. The scores generated from the Dynamic Arc assessment are inputted into the Safe Balance app for additional functional-related impairment measures norm-referenced based on a person's age. 

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