Provide Healthcare Systems, Physicians and Other Healthcare Providers with a Complete and Comprehensive Technological Solution to Directly Reduce the Risk and Occurrence of Falls in the Patient Populations they Serve. 

The Origin and Beginning of SAFE BALANCE


Occupational Therapist Nathan R. Clinton-Barnett OTD, MSOT, OTRL founded Safe Balance along with the Safe Balance executive team after continuously treating a multitude of patients with life altering injuries sustained from otherwise preventable falls. Through exhaustive rehabilitation of his patients, Nathan became frustrated with limitations of methods and technology that examined only a fraction of critical areas of risk, and/or were positioned on a more reactive model rather than a preventative model. 


With the focus on a system design based on governing quality standards and high-level systematic reviews, the Safe Balance program was born from a burning desire to directly prevent falls through proactive assessment and proactive intervention while maintaining the integrity of maximum functional independence for our senior population.

Safe Balance is committed to providing a standardized health and fall risk assessment -to- intervention platform that meets quality standards in MIPs 154, 155 and 318, meeting the "Best Practice" quality program definition identified in research focused on fall prevention, providing direct savings to the US healthcare system, directly reducing hospital readmissions/preventable admissions, providing a financially self-sustaining model for healthcare systems, physicians and ancillary care providers, and intently standing on the front line to challenge the rising senior fall epidemic.

Today, the conceptualization of the Safe Balance program is being utilized by both large and small healthcare systems, physicians/surgeons and ancillary care providers as a means to provide an improved and more proactive provision of care to the seniors they service with unparalleled positive results.

Meet the Executive Team


Frederic Jouhet



Nathan Clinton-Barnett OTD, MSOT, OTRL

Executive Vice President; Founder


Sheila Bullard

Sr Vice President of Business Development


Diyan Dzahristos

Vice President of Operations


John Lauer

Vice President of Sales