The Safe Balance program can be brought into your services through a simple licensing process. During this process, your local Safe Balance representative will provide you with up-to-date information, training and support in order for you to optimize the utilization of the program. Obtaining licensure of Safe Balance is a simple and quick process. 

Schedule a Safe Balance Presentation 

Through your local Safe Balance representative or by contacting our company directly, we will schedule a brief webinar to showcase the Safe Balance system, the process of obtaining licensure and how to onboard the program. Once you onboard the program, you can terminate the licensure with a 30-day notice for any reason if you are not completely satisfied with the program. 

Financials of Safe Balance

Evidence and research continues to highlight that fall prevention programs fail due to lack of direct financial sustainability. ​At Safe Balance, we pride ourselves into creating a financial solution that requires no out-of-pocket investment to begin and a licensure design  that is positively financially self-sustaining.


Working with your local Safe Balance representative, we will design a specific training regimen that meets your needs and schedule. Leading up to the training, we will educate staff on administrative components to the program to maximize utilization come launch. Our training staff is made up of seasoned clinicians including physical/occupational therapists from a variety of backgrounds so you can be sure you are being trained with competent clinical practitioners on the most up-to-date utilizations of the program. 

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