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We Are Safe Balance INC: 

Since 2018, Safe Balance has successfully utilized innovation to develop and deliver powerful technologies into the clinical equation. 

Today, Safe Balance has become one of the fastest growing and most effective fall prevention and population management programs used by physicians, and health care systems nationwide.

N. Clinton-Barnett at the Readmission Prevention Symposium; Tampa, FL
Safe Balance Operational Footprint 1.1.2022


Innovating and Automating "Best Practices" in Fall Prevention and Population Management. 

Safe Balance is a company that specializes in bringing clinical & cost effective solutions in  population management and fall prevention. Our company believes that through proactive, preventative and focused identification and management practices, costly falls, injuries and complications with patient care can be effectively mitigated.  

When the cost and occurrences of catastrophic falls continued to rise and place an ever growing burden on the US healthcare system, we raised our hand and positioned ourselves on the front of the front lines to solve this continued problem. Through careful research and examination of reputable policies, papers, and procedures, our company began our innovation journey to create a concise and automated platform to arm the very best professionals set to solve this problem: physicians. 

While other technologies were marketed in the fall prevention sphere, none utilized the "best practice" design of Safe Balance and continuously were ineffective at measuring/managing risks in ALL critical categories. Many providers who were disenchanted with the shortcomings of these technologies continue to switch to or adopt the Safe Balance program as a reputable and impactful solution that has been lacking in the clinical setting for decades. 

Today, our company has grown to expand into not only a powerful technology to prevent falls, but also a comprehensive population management/data analysis platform giving healthcare systems an unprecedented insight into the patients they serve. By further partnering with other technologies aimed to manage patient's conditions proactively, we have expanded our reach and risk mitigation solution aimed at our continued goal to decrease the burden of care & cost to the US healthcare system. 

Join Safe Balance on our mission to stop falls, and save lives. 


Core Values of our Company's Culture



Continuously develop and maintain our position on the front line of fall prevention and population management through selective partnerships, education, networking and development. 


We believe in the growth of each individual person our company engages with both professionally and personally. Our team commits itself to growing every individual that we connect with to ensure a quality engagement experience.  

Have Integrity

Having integrity in all social and professional practices is an integral component to our company's culture. We continue to sharpen our focus on taking care of our clients, being good stewards of justified clinical services, and focusing on our goals to maintain and maximize functional independence in our patients. At Safe Balance, we commit ourselves to maintaining the highest level of consistency and professionalism standards in all areas of life. 

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Founders and Leadership Team


Frederic Jouhet


Nathan Clinton-Barnett OTD, OTRL
Exec. Vice President; Founder


Sheila Bullard
Sr. Vice President; Bus. Dev.

Work Pic MacuHealth_edited_edited_edited.png

Diyan Dzahristos
Vice President; Operations

Dedicated and Experienced Professionals Bringing the Safe Balance Mission and Technology to Life

Our Mission

Safe Balance stands to provide healthcare organizations and medical professionals with a complete and comprehensive technological solution to proactively identify and mitigate patient's fall risks. Through the power of innovation, Safe Balance is poised to remain at the forefront in the fight against preventable falls while proactively managing the risks of the populations our clients care for in a concerted effort to reduce costs to the US Healthcare system while simultaneously enhancing the quality of life for all patient's.


Safe Balance Corporate Offices



70 E Long Lake Rd
Bloomfield Hills, MI, 48304

Tel: 248-792-6301
Fax: 248-792-6302

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