Strategic Partnership Opportunities 

Safe Balance has and continues to provide a proprietary opportunity to enhance fall prevention services in a variety of healthcare markets. Since our inception, we have entered into synergistic sales opportunities, technology-advancement projects, collaboration on new or add-on capabilities, and have broadened our application into sectors outside of healthcare. 

Safe Balance as a "Bolt-On" 

The Safe Balance program by no means acts solely as a replacement to existing fall prevention programs and/or technology. Rather, it has more often acted as a "Bolt-On" to enhance current programs and existing technologies. Additionally, Safe Balance has further attached itself to existing technologies and equipment not-traditionally thought of in the "fall prevention" space, such as hospital equipment, data analytics, population management, client-satisfaction, DME/AD, hospital-at-home models, and more.  

Safe Balance Partnerships Include: 

  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

  • Home Health Agencies

  • Cardiovascular Technologies 

  • Liability Insurance Carriers

  • Senior Living Communities (ILF/ALF/CCRC) 

  • Hospital Capital Equipment 

  • Surgery Centers 

  • Bundle-Payment Services

To inquire about Strategic Partnership opportunities, please contact us below