SAFE BALANCE Data Analytics
In Today's Modern Delivery of Healthcare, Data Analytics has Become a Powerful Factor in Improving Outcomes and Enhancing Efficiency.


Safe Balance analytics collects over 200 points of data per assessment. Allowing for comprehensive dissemination with even the smallest of sample sizes. 

Turn analytics into action! Identify trends, conditions and other factors related to your patients who exhibit the highest risk of falls. Click here for a real-life example on how our partners have enhanced healthcare delivery with Safe Balance data dashboards!


From small clinics to large health systems, the Safe Balance analytics dashboard allows for comprehensive analysis on critical areas of fall risk, leading to greater delivery of healthcare services and outcomes. With the dashboard, you can enhance partnerships with affiliated entities, ensuring that appropriate patient care is being transitioned accordingly. Inquire with us on how Safe Balance can create a simple referral pathway to support transitional care for patients at their most vulnerable.