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Medications and Fall Risk: Moving Beyond Balance and Generalized Weakness

Often times, people fail to understand that there are many factors associated with falls. While balance and generalized weakness are a prime culprit, there are other areas that can be the primary driver in a person's increased risk.

One particular area that the medical community is continually examining as it related to risk is medications. In a recent publication provided by Dr. Andrew Weil M.D., an enlightening presentation was made as it related to this particular concern.

While side effects related to pain medication can easily be correlated to increased risk, many in the public and the healthcare community at-large do not tie-in risk factors created with other drugs, including anti-depression medications, anti-hypertensives, and more!

In fact, SAFE BALANCE's most recent data analysis focus has found that a growing risk population is exhibiting increased usage in fall-risk-linked medications along with other complicating factors such as abnormal postural cardiac responses!

If you are taking medications that are linked to heightened risk or have questions about medication side effects in general, make sure you consult your physician for a thorough reconciliation and a SAFE BALANCE assessment!

Make sure to check out Dr. Weil's page and the referenced article here.

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