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CDC Recommends Pharmacists to Assist in Fall Prevention

The CDC is becomming an everyday resource for citizens across the United States. However, as many do not know, the CDC has initiated a front-line program to address the rising fall epidemic facing our seniors today called STEADI.

Within this program, the CDC identifies the pharmacist as an integral part of the clinical fall prevention team! By using a pharmacist's expertise, certain medications can be reconciled as well as with wellness programs introduced to reduce a person's overall risk of falls and encourage maximum functional independence.

One of our valued partners, WellTrackOne, utilizes their clinical pharmacists to assist the physician in this vital service alongside the Safe Balance program creating an optimal and robust service to maximize the well being of patients they encounter!

To learn more about the CDC's incorporation of pharmacists in the clinic, check out this resource here:

To learn more about WellTrackOne, visit their website here:

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