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A Falls Free Checkup from the NCOA

Falling is not and should be accepted as a normal part of aging. Sadly, this is a conversation that seemingly happens much more than you think, and requires a certain mindset to adopt in order to proactively reduce your risk of falls.

While many resources exist to help seniors living independently or in supportive communities, few are as recognized in their mission and stance than the National Council on Aging ( This important organization has provided countless resources to those who are at risk of a fall or for those who are fearful.

Safe Balance by process, engages in a 3-step framework to identify a person's fall risk: screening, assessment and intervention. To date, we haven't found a better tool to utilize than the screening tool used in the NCOA's "Falls Free Checkup" survey, originally crafted by the CDC. In fact, we believe so strongly in its use, that it is incorporated in every Safe Balance assessment that is given.

This simple and straightforward survey not only asks you very important questions, but also prompts your thought process as it relates to your current risk of falls through self reflection.

You can find the link to the "Falls Free Checkup" from the NCOA here.

If you feel that you are at a heightened risk, please contact your physician and ask for a Safe Balance assessment today.

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