Outpatient Surgery Center

Increase Patient Safety after Procedure. Reduce Post-Operative Complications. Enhance Quality. 

Outpatient surgery centers have been essential in reducing costs to the US Healthcare system while providing a less-restrictive solution to outpatient procedures. Never-the-less, these surgery centers still have experienced the ramifications of falls in the facility and after discharge. These falls can often times lead to a previously preventable hospital admission, further complication of a condition, revision of a procedure, and most importantly the potential impact on a patient's well-being. 

While the patient is in the ASC for only a relatively short amount of time, the use of anesthetics and the invasiveness of the procedure itself can leave a patient in a compromised condition when returning home and the days to follow. 

With SAFE BALANCE, the ASC provides a brief yet detailed multifactorial falls risk assessment. The assessment is completed either by the facility itself, under an affiliated therapist, or under the direction of the surgeon/anesthesiologist team. The outcomes report structure follows the typical SAFE BALANCE format of highlighting specific risks and anticipated risks upon discharge, along with recommended mitigation strategies to keep the patient safe at home.