SNF's and Rehabilitation

Skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities have a profound duty in caring for patients beyond their hospital stay. As these patients arrive in the facilities with more acute conditions, greater care for fall prevention should be considered. 

While rehabilitation specialists and nurses collaborate together, the SAFE BALANCE program acts as a bridge to maximize outcomes, safety and optimize patient's functional independence. 

SAFE BALANCE in this setting acts as a multidisciplinary instrument reaching into all areas of patient care. The justification of services that the program identifies further supports the necessity of services offered. In the program, two reports are generated with distinctly different focuses; an in-stay safety report/care plan framework and a discharge recommendation summary


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Facility-Based Safety

Discharge Planning Report

  • Assistance in toileting/transfers

  • Side rails in place to assist in bed mobility

  • Monitor patient for decreased safety awareness due to medication side-effects

  • Maintain low-level lighting to prevent tripping during ambulation

  • Utilize walker for transfers/ambulation

  • Refer to PT for Eval and gait analysis

  • Patient Fall Prevention education materials

  • Home Safety Checklist 

  • Refer to Home Health services

  • Refer to Orthopedic Specialists for eval/management of future fall risk

  • Assistance with ADLs from family/staff

  • Utilization of DME/AD (Walker/Cane)

  • Medication reconciliation when available with PCP

Increase Patient Safety During Stay. Generate Therapy Framework. Justify Services.